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The reliable lobster

In mid-August in Southern Ontario the lobster is the mushroom hound’s best friend. They’re plentiful right now and they are wonderful mushrooms, which retain a great firm texture when cooked. The lobster, Hypomyces lactifluorum, is what happens when a certain cup fungus attacks host mushrooms.… Read More

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Early morning foraging

I wanted to get out to the enchanted mushroom forest this weekend but the only opportunity was going to be an early and quick trip out this morning, so I hit the road at dawn. I’m glad I did because the forest was fairly generous… Read More

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Careful what you eat…

Somebody landed on this blog today after searching “can mushrooms give upset tummy.” Yes, mushrooms can give upset tummy. Some wild mushrooms found in Ontario can make you very sick and some others can kill you dead dead dead dead dead. During mushroom season, I… Read More

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A surfer landed on this blog today after making a search for where to find puffball mushrooms in Ontario. There are a number of varieties of puffballs but I normally come across three kinds, the giant puffball, Calvatia gigantea, the gem-studded puffball,¬†Lycoperdon perlatum or the… Read More

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A Prediction I Like

The Weather Network has predicted normal summer temperatures this year, but in the Toronto area, higher than normal precipitation. This is good news for the amateur mycologists in the crowd. Last season started off well enough with plenty of morels and plenty of oysters but… Read More

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Slowly Moving North

My brother emailed the other day to say that morels were spotted in late February in Georgia and Alabama. Serious morel freaks track the progress as each week these tasty mushrooms appear farther and farther north. Sometime more or less in the middle of May… Read More