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Diggy Liggy Lo

Today’s Daily Dose comes from Louisiana. Interesting intro by Johnny. I couldn’t even name 28 instruments (much less play them)….but here’s Doug Kershaw..

Since we’re in Louisiana, let’s listen to the most awesome Aldus Roger and the Lafayette Playboys performing the Hick’s Wagon Wheel Special

Finally, here’s Clifton Chenier and the Louisiana Ramblers – Put your dancin shoes on ’cause it’s pretty fast…Tighten up Zydeco


  1. StephenBrassawe

    Boozoo Chavis is my all time favorite. No question. Thank you for mentioning him. And I could not agree more about Buckwheat Zydeco! I saw him about four years ago now . . . or sometime within the last four years. It was absolutely awful. The whole thing was not helped by the fact that he was obviously drunk.

  2. StephenBrassawe

    I saw Doug Kershaw live once. I was exhausted myself afterward. Never saw Clifton, but I have seen C. J. several times. I confess that I seldom listen to Zydeco on the stereo. It is music to be enjoyed in the flesh. I defy anyone with a pulse to sit still in the presence of a red hot Zydeco band.

    • CJ’s music just doesn’t do it for me but I listen to some Clifton Chenier CDs regularly. Live, the best Zydeco band I’ve ever seen was Fernest Arceneaux and the Thunders. They came up to Toronto back in the 80s and they were a smokin’ hot band. On record, there is some Chris Ardoin material I like from when he and his brother had Double Clutchin’ and there is also some Beau Jocque stuff and some Boozoo Chavis stuff that really turns my crank. The worst Zydeco band I’ve ever seen was Buckwheat Zydeco. It was a long time ago. They kept introducing him, mentioning his record company after every song and neither he nor the band seemed to be into it. He used to be Clifton Chenier’s organ player at one time.

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