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Everything you ever wanted to know about….

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Chemnitzer Concertina but were afraid to ask can be found at

One of the places I like to visit is the for sale section of the site, which features ads for a number of these beautiful instruments. I can assure you that should I win a small lottery, I’ll be visiting this site with more serious intent.

Another feature I love about the site is the sheet music library. It contains an alpha-listing sheet music, many with special Chemnitzer concertina fingering notes. Now I don’t own a Chemnitzer concertina and so the fingering notation has no meaning to me, but none-the-less, here is a fantastic collection of polkas, obereks, waltzes and all kinds of other tunes as well. Some hand-written scores may be a little difficult to read, but I’ve stumbled across some excellent music browsing through this collection. Here’s an example of a piece from the listing.

There’s even a section of the site that lists some Chemnitzer concertina music with links to where you can purchase it.

And for those who are completely lost in the world of Chemnitzer concertina, there is even a section on concertina/polka humour, the link to which I will spare you because I like you.

Here’s an example of the instrument in action. Here is Stephanie & Mitch Kempinski performing the Ice Cream Polka

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