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Vote Hamburgler

What is a Hamburgler, you ask?

I have been asked by a member of the Hamburglers to encourage you, gentle readers, to Vote Hamburgler. It seems the boys are in the final round of a contest to play at Riot Fest in Chicago in a couple weeks and they are in need of some votes. Who knew there really are battles of the bands. Of course that’s in Chicago. Anything can happen in Chicago.

I have friends who claim to have not only met the Hamburglers, but are friends with them. Me? I like their outfits, so I’m doing my part.  takes you to their voting page for the Battle Royale With Cheese sponsored by do312




  1. ROBBLE! Much thanks! And rest assured … your burgers are safe. Partially because we don’t have passports, but mainly to show our gratitude.


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