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South Etobicoke Creek


I took the dogs over to the leash-free park at South Etobicoke Creek this afternoon. It was a little muddy in parts but it was possible to walk around the soft spots.

Memphis got a bunch of burrs tangled up in her tail.

The creek is still swollen up from all the rain we’ve had. It didn’t stop Memphis and Ellie Mae from splashing around in the water.


    • It’s a very interesting place because from the main road, all you see is a bridge, which you drive over. You can’t really see what’s down in there. Another smaller road leads to the gate and access to the valley. Once you’re down in there, it seems as if you’re in a completely different world. It’s possible to go quite a way downstream. Perhaps there is even a path all the way down to the lake. I’ve never tried to go that far.

      • StephenBrassawe

        Probably a good deal that it is difficult to see what is down there. Otherwise, it could be overrun.

  1. It looks like a beautiful fall day! Around here, that seems like eons ago, although it was only two weeks since we’ve been snow-covered.

  2. I like where you live. Are you able to walk to the creek from your house? Goody if you are.

    Can’t believe you didn’t comment on my last post – bluegrass-playing brother-boys. Are you numb?

    • The lower part of the creek is a long walk from our house. This spot is further upstream, a 10 minute drive. We have Lake Ontario just a short walk away though and a lovely huge park.

      I actually tried to comment on your post. I made a comment and clicked post, but I guess I forgot to wait for the security rigamarole. I went back and re-commented.

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