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Me playing the oil can

I’ve had some requests to post a video here of me playing the oil can banjo. This is a bit of a problem for me. The first problem is that I’m a duffer. I’ve only been hammering away at this machine for a month. The second problem is that as soon as I turn a camera on, it all falls to pieces. However, I’ve never been one to let little problems like that get in the way.

I’ve found that recording myself is a good learning tool because when I play back the video I can more objectively here how it really sounds rather than how I wish it sounds. In any case, there is one short clip that at least gives you a good idea what the oil can banjo sounds like. For those who didn’t tune in when I made the oil can banjo over Christmas, let me explain. I saw some oil can banjos on YouTube made by rpeek. Mr. Peek generously posted some videos showing how he goes about making oil can banjos. I thought, heck I can make one of those. And I did. So now I have to learn to play the thing.

As I get better, I’ll post some more videos of the tunes I’ve been playing.


  1. Keisha Mc

    Wow Eugene…that oil can sounds great! In just a month you got here Fantastic!!!!!

  2. I think you and your oil can banjo sound marvelous! It has a really nice sound and I think you are mastering it admirably.

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