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Angeline the Baker

I started playing Angeline the Baker today on the oil can banjo, based on the following tab I found on the banjo hangout… The little H’s are hammer-ons and the little P’s are pull-offs and the SL’s indicate slides. This should keep me out of… Read More

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Playing the Can

Playing the oil can banjo until my fingers are sore. Expecting callouses on the fingers of my left hand soon enough. Playing a few easy tunes, learning to coordinate the right and left hand. Feeling like I’m off to a good start, although I’m sure… Read More

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The Can

I’ve started messing about with my home-made oil can banjo, which here-to-for I will simply refer to as The Can. Although I’m convinced it will be easier when I’ve grown my nails out a bit more, I’m starting (and I mean just starting) to be… Read More