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Happy Canada Day

Let’s celebrate Canada Day by listening to a selection of Canadian folk music.

I’d like to start with a tune I’ve posted before (not this again, I’m sure you’re thinking). It’s Ward Allen from the Ottawa Valley performing his masterpiece, Maple Sugar.

Don’t worry, just because I’ve been playing banjo a lot, it doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten the squeezebox. I stumbled into this gem – Tony Blanchard playing French Newfoundland music.

Now here’s Calvin Vollrath – who lives in Alberta and plays Metis style fiddle – playing a tune he composed called Natalie MacMaster’s. He’s joined on-stage here by Natalie MacMaster herself. What a delightful performance!

If you ever get a chance to see Yves Lambert perform, don’t miss it! Here’s Ti Get-Up Charlie

Finally, I’d like to end this post with a classic piece by the late Stompin’ Tom, who we sadly lost this year. Here’s Bud the Spud.


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