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Tune Names

More so than songs, tunes often have lots of names. Sometimes a tune will take on a regional name. Sometimes, nobody locally will have known the actual title, and so simply call it something else. Sometimes, there will be a name from a tune’s country… Read More

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Shortnin’ Bread 4 ways

Some songs seem to transcend style, fad and fashion and have endured in our collective imagination for a long time. Shortnin’ Bread has been a kind of cure-all for the soul, an Afro-American song dating back to the 1890s. Three little children, lying in bedTwo… Read More

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Wildwood Flower

Wildwood Flower was popularized by the Carter Family, but its close cousin I’ll Twine Mid the Ringlets was written by Joseph Philbrick Webster and published way back in 1860. It could be that both are based on another earlier tune, but if so I don’t… Read More