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Canadian fiddle

On the eve of Canada Day I’d like to feature a video I’ve shared before (it’s one of my faves!) – The Old Tyme Fiddler’s Dream by Mac Beattie and his Melodiers, featuring the great Reg Hill on fiddle. Canada has a great fiddle tradition… Read More

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Happy Canada Day

Let’s celebrate Canada Day by listening to a selection of Canadian folk music. I’d like to start with a tune I’ve posted before (not this again, I’m sure you’re thinking). It’s Ward Allen from the Ottawa Valley performing his masterpiece, Maple Sugar. Don’t worry, just… Read More

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A Song for Canada Day

I’ve posted this tune before, maybe even several times. Why? Because it stops me in my tracks every time, and before he’s done Mr. Allen has my eyes welling up.  Turn it up loud. Here’s Ward Allen performing his masterpiece, Maple Sugar.

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Leap Second

The earth is slowing down friends. Just a little bit, but it’s slowing down. Or so they say. The world’s atomic clocks are being adjusted on Saturday and an extra second is being added, just in time for some added Canada Day enjoyment.