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We saw Spy this afternoon at our local Cineplex VIP theatre. VIP is perfect for a guy with a messed up leg. Tuffy P dropped me in front and then went to park while I hobbled in. We reserved seats up front (the front row seats recline way back), so I wouldn’t have to negotiate my way up awkward steps in the dark, ordered some food and a cold beer (beer for me….Tuffy prefers water).

Spy is a two hour Melissa McCarthy vehicle that had us both laughing and chuckling throughout. She plays a behind the scenes CIA agent, the one back at the shop who tells the field guy what to do next through his hidden earpiece. She gets her chance to be a field agent when the CIA needs an agent who has not been identified, and of course all kinds of hilarity ensues. What’s it about? Um, a bunch of spy stuff, a nuclear warhead for sale, that kind of thing. This movie was a blast, just loads of fun.


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