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I made this painting a number of years ago – I would have to check the back of it to tell you the exact date – maybe 2005? I’ve never exhibited it, but I did post of a photo of it here once before.

Evidence is what I think of as an “in-between” painting. I recall I was working on extending my imagery, looking for something or other. I believe this one is 6 X 4 feet, acrylic on paper affixed to panel. It’s been quite a while since I painted with acrylics. Those of you who are familiar with my work will see right away that I treat acrylics much differently than oils. Evidence.jpg

When I painted this one, I did so with a brush in one hand and spray bottle in the other, and I was using the spray bottle as an eraser as I was making up the images.

I don’t know that I ever found whatever it is I was looking for with this painting, but in the fullness of time that hardly seems to matter. I’ve held onto a number of these “in-between” paintings, painterly ferryboats that have transported me to different visual ideas. These are the odd-ball paintings, the ones that only seem to fit, at least in my imagination, in the context of a broader array of my painting.

Anyone interested in purchasing my paintings should contact Yumart in Toronto.

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