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I’m really looking forward to gardening this year. Since I’m saying bye-bye to the work-a-day world, I’m going to structure in regular gardening time (after my morning swim and before a painting session?), and I expect to be able to tackle some garden projects as well as focus some time on making the most of our back yard. This includes growing a bunch of veggies. Last year, with my wrecked ankle, the only veggie we had was an indestructable kale plant that kept on growing right into winter.

I ordered up some seeds from the folks at Stokes (I love on-line shopping!) and they arrived today, just a few days after I placed my order. Let’s see, I’ve got some different lettuces, carrots, cucumbers,spinach, green onions, bok choy, wax beans, zucchini and snow peas. I’ve come to admit I don’t have quite enough sun for decent crops of tomatoes or peppers so I simply don’t grow them. I did get some camomile for camomile/catnip tea (catnip is pretty well naturalized around here to the delight of the lions), and I’ve got a spot up front where it should do well. I’ll plant a bunch of herbs as well, but I’ll start with small plants rather than grow them from seed.

I guess we still have some winter to cope with before gardening starts. In past years I’ve planted spinach as soon as I could work the ground. One year at our old place, this was some time in early April, and we had a snowfall after my seedlings were up. It didn’t phase the spinach at all, and we had a fantastic and super-early crop. If you haven’t guessed, I’m ready to fast-forward to spring right now.

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