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Keeping a tradition alive


Every year at this time we make up a batch of coffee can paska. We don’t do all the fancy braids on the top of the crust and we bake our Easter bread in old coffee cans which we use over and over again, a technique we learned from Tuffy P’s mom. It is seriously tasty. We always make lots so we can share. Warm bread makes friends.


  1. Miss Polly

    It looks so good! I love traditions and I love bread. How is this eaten? Plain? Google tells me it might have raisins. I made some strawberry jam yesterday with the last of the 2015 picked strawberries.

    • Sometimes it is made with raisins but we don’t usually use them. We do add lemon zest. We eat our paska in thick chunks with butter. This is a pretty yummy batch.

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