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Entertainment Rollercoaster

We’ve been watching London Spy, the British/American production which aired as a 5-part series in early winter of 2015. It was slow, sometimes excruciatingly, it was smart, clever, fascinating, dark, and did I mention slow? I think it was an excellent bit of work, although I would have been happier if more of the mystery had been maintained. The injection of a rational “what really happened” took the intoxicating edge off.

So what do you watch after a series like that? Fortunately, our pals Candy and Stagg sent me off with a big bag of DVDs when I left Chicago. Tonight, Tuffy P reached in and grabbed one – and out came Chef, the 2014 Jon Favreau flick. It’s a food movie and a family movie, and a road trip movie combined and it is chock full of charm and delight, perfect for a boost after enduring London Spy.


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