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The 27th Street Bookbox needs your help

The 27th Street bookbox has been mostly self-sustaining with little intervention from me, and there is usually a healthy turnover of books. However, right now there is space for several new arrivals.


Depending on size, I’d say it can handle up to 10 books to fill that sad empty space. If you’re in Long Branch and you have an excellent book or two you would like to share with the community, I encourage you to drop by the book box and make a deposit. There are no rules with the book box. Take what you want; leave what you will. I like to encourage people to be thoughtful about their deposits, though,  and leave books they love and want others to read.

The 27th Street book box is located on lower 27th Street in front of #15, right here in the community of Long Branch in Toronto.

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