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The fishin’ is always good…

With a break in the hot weather and the promise of a cloudy day, I felt compelled to load my fly rod and waders into the car this morning and go find a trout stream. It was a lovely day to be out, but then there is something to be said for any day spent on a trout stream.

The weather was perfect, cool with a bit of a breeze. It looked like it might rain, but it didn’t. We haven’t had a good rain in quite some time now.  Even the bugs cooperated today – there were plenty of adult caddis around as well as some craneflies coming off the water. The only thing missing were the trout, none of which seemed to be aware this was a perfect day for fishin’. Sometimes the trout just don’t come to the party.




  1. Shame about the troutlessness, but even a bad day of fishing tops the best day in the office. Glad to hear you are taking advantage of your free time.

    • A number of years ago, I was fishing a stream in Wyoming called the North Tongue. There was a big afternoon mayfly hatch (flavs) and every trout in the stream was feeding like it was their last meal. Almost every cast produced a fish. It reached the point where I started sight fishing for the largest trout, and then the most difficult, hard to reach trout. That afternoon changed my whole perspective on fly fishing. After that I wasn’t so driven as I was previously to catch the most or the biggest, and I started to learn to enjoy the day, enjoy watching the river flow, and enjoy the birds and the insects and the mushrooms and everything going on around me. So I didn’t catch trout yesterday, but the catching is only one aspect of the fishing.

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