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We got trout

From time to time I like to go off camping somewhere or another on my own. I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked, “why do you go alone?” and I have no explanation beyond that is it something I need to do once… Read More

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I love rivers

Or as Ramblin’ Jack said: Did you ever…..stand and shiver….just because, just because….you’re lookin’….at a ri-ver? I have to hand it to my friend Bill. He wasn’t discouraged after last week’s day on the Grand River, and yesterday afternoon he showed his determination. Bill’s casting… Read More

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A day on the river

Yesterday afternoon, after I voted in our ill-fated Ontario provincial election, Bill picked me up and we headed for the Grand River for an evening of fly fishing. Bill is new to the fly fishing game, so we did some casting practice close to home… Read More