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Banjo Practice: a tune for a dreary day

It’s been drizzling all morning here in the southwest corner of Toronto. Further north, periods of freezing rain have been causing grief for motorists. It seems like the kind of day for a weird, melancholy minor key banjo tune, doesn’t it?

This tune is called 41st Avenue, written by Mark Jones. I learned it at Midwest Banjo Camp from Cathy Barton Para, in a workshop about the music of Grandpa Jones, Ramona Jones and the Jones family.


  1. Nice Eugene! Did you record the video with your desktop computer? I ask because whenever I record something with my computer, I get a really cheap, even below mp3 audio quality that I detest. The sound is not horrible, but slightly thrown out of phase; it sounds like I’m playing the banjo through a very cheesy early ’80’s guitar floor pedal… I’ve tried to use my soundcard, and mic to record, but photo-booth on my mac won’t cooperate…
    Oh well, that’s a small problem… I like the tune. That’s a sweetheart of a banjo there!

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