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Newberry and Verch

Two of my fave players April Verch and Joe Newberry, performing together. This video includes April Verch playing fiddle and step-dancing together. Wonderful!

I’ve had to opportunity to meet Joe Newberry at Midwest Banjo Camp, attend some of his classes and play music with him at jams. Looking forward to more of the same at the next MBC at the beginning of June.



  1. Damn impressive.
    I’ve thought a few times that you would appreciate this and other videos with the same performers.

    Nephew of a client of mine. Died in the American opioid epidemic this past year.
    Muthaf***in God, I hate to hear people tell me about mourning untimely, but especially this kind of thing.

  2. Miss Polly

    I dream of going to Celtic Colours. Every year I look at the schedule and think “this year I will go”. My parents are both from Cape Breton and I know how beautiful it is there in the fall. The evening of dinner and music at the Fortress, which sells out early, sounds particularly awesome to me.

    • April Verch is from the Ottawa Valley. She initially learned that style of fiddling but now also plays in other styles. The first tune in the set, Back up and Push is by Ward Allen, who in his short life made a huge impact and is one of the fiddlers most closely associated with Ottawa Valley fiddling. He may not be a household name these days but I think his tune Maple Sugar is in our DNA as Canadians.
      Joe Newberry is from Missouri but moved to North Carolina as a young man. He performed on Prairie Home Companion many times and is a fine singer and guitar player as well as being a great clawhammer banjo player.

      I bet Celtic Colours is a great event. I’d love to visit Cape Breton one day!

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