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Is it….a bear?


We were walking the partners the other evening when a woman walked toward us. She stopped a dozen feet away, a look of shock and awe on her face. She looked at Georgie and looked back at us. Is it…..a bear?

Another day, a guy slowed his car down to a stop, opened his window and shouted out, “It’s illegal to be walking a bear on a leash.” Right. Thanks for that.

Of course, since we live with Newfs, we’re used to the obvious fact that they’re big beasts.

A typical encounter on the street:

OMG he’s big.
I look at George like I never noticed before. You’re right, he is!
You must have a big house OR You’re food bill sure must be high.
What kind of dog is he? OR Is he a St. Bernard?
They’re Newfs, I say.
I didn’t think they came in brown.
Yes, they’re not supposed to be brown, I say. We don’t tell him though. He thinks he’s black.



Will the puppy get that big? So far, growing is her best thing.


  1. Miss Polly

    So funny about people. On another note, I really love the Magnolia bench. Looks like it is aging so well and what an incredible piece of art then and now. It’s the original ? I cannot see the wooden sculpture on the end for the Newfs to confirm lol…

    One of my favourites I have seen you post for sure. “Chapeau” to you and Tuffy P as the French would say !!

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