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French Toast

It might have been 30 years since I’d had French Toast. Then one day, I thought, “I think I’d like some French Toast.” Don’t ask me what got into me. I had some crusty Italian bread and I left enough for 4 thick slices overnight. Next morning I beat some eggs with a fork and mixed in some milk and a bit of cinnamon, then dropped in the bread. I let it soak in for a couple minutes then flipped it over and waited another couple minutes. IMG_7744.jpg

I fried it up for a couple minutes on each side, then laid the slices on a baking sheet and put them in a hot oven for 5 minutes. I enjoyed them with just a little maple syrup.

Tuffy P watched all this action, slightly bemused. “I never liked it,” she told me.

I have to say it was really tasty, and the crusty Italian bread retained a nice crunch crust. I think I won’t wait 30 years before I enjoy it again, maybe just a few years.

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