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Red Hot

Here’s some Robert Gordon and Link Wray for a Saturday morning…

The Way I Walk

You don’t hear a lot of rock ‘n’ roll these days, do you?

I remember buying my copy of their second record, Fresh Fish Special. That was in the late 70s when records were made of vinyl and we kept them in stacked up milk crates. Red Hot. Dangerous.


  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    Here is a little known fact. A milk crate costs the dairy serious money and when they delivered milk to a store they would pick up the empties and record the number of full ones they dropped off so they could try to account for all of them. As record collections grew folks just stole more milk crates and it was costing the dairies a fortune to replace them. In the late ’80’s they took the bold step of redesigning them to make them smaller, enough smaller than an LP wouldnt fit into one and they collected up all the old bigger crates they could get their hands on and had them melted down. It was the end of an era although there seems to be a lot of the old bigger ones still hidden away in basements. I think I have around 30.

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