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Spring Garden Clean-up


What a beautiful spring day, the kind of day you want to put the top down and go cruisin’ down the highway. Since we don’t have a convertible, Tuffy P started doing some garden clean-up, while I installed a rain-water collector out back.

We decided to move the grizzly (this is the first grizzly….we made another one recently, which is in Paris Ontario) to the front yard this year. It makes sense with the canoe garden, and explains why the paddlers have abandoned their canoe. DSC07754.jpg

It still looks a little stark out front but we’re going to see peonies and hostas and various other plants come up around the bear and in the canoe.

The Amanita chipbowlius mushrooms have come up already. DSC07752.jpg

I spotted a group of them out front, It looks like two different chipbowlius species.


It’s been a hard winter for cowboy Tom but he and his trusty horse are off to the spring round-up. DSC07756.jpg

Sgt. Renfrew is guarding the imagination station. He has his eye on the rare Yerex white spider which has taken up residence.


The birds have been enjoying their suet. When that is gone, we’d like to fill that cage with a poem – we’re on the look-out for someone who would like to create a waterproof poem for the back garden.

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