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In the Spring Garden



This martin house is a new addition to the back garden. It is unlikely to attract purple martins, which require housing at least 60 feet from a building or tree, elevated 12 to 18 feet  high. Armed with this knowledge, I resized the holes to make it more likely that some other birds will take up residence, spruced it up with some fresh paint and mounted it on an old pillar which I’ve planted in the ground with the aid of a bag of quick-set concrete. I like the worn finish on the pillar, so I scraped off any old paint that was peeling and added a coat of clear finish to help preserve it.


The roasting pan that says hi mosaic has a new home on the garden gate. Much of that gate should get covered with English ivy this year or next – I planted it last season after putting up the gate.


The round item in the photo, below the carousel whirligig is from some kind of industrial casting. It’s one of those things that have been kicking around the garden hoping to fit in somewhere.


There appears to be an elephant and a Yerex out back by the tamarack tree. Careful if you venture back there.

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