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To the woods….

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I took the dogs up to a favourite forest this morning. I was looking (unsuccessfully) for oyster mushrooms, Pleurotus populinus – the so-called aspen oyster. Normally they fruit around the beginning of June in my local forests. Last weekend I was away at banjo camp so I couldn’t get to a forest. My brother has been watching a known oyster spot for a coupld weeks and has not seen any. Now I’m thinking his barometer spot is kaput and the oysters are ancient history for this season already. I saw no sign of oysters at all, not even any old shriveled up ones.

With or without mushrooms, though, a walk in the woods is always good. The dogs enjoyed bounding about in the forest and as a bonus they got to go for a swim in a pond. George didn’t want to come out of the water. After they swam and played and splashed around he just stood there in the water  totally enjoying the feeling.

Now they’re sound asleep. They’ve got the right idea. I may have a wee nap too.

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