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I went for a hike today, scouting around to see if any yellow morels may have started fruiting. I didn’t see any morels, and judging from what I saw today, I’d say we’re still a week early. (all of this is entirely in my imagination… Read More

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Hiking and Baking

This has been such a bizarre early spring, with many things in the garden greening up way early, it’s difficult to judge when the morels will show up. I see on Twitter that it is turning into a great season for morels in many places… Read More

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Scouting Mission

In the spring, the first tasty edible mushrooms to appear in Southern Ontario are morels in May. Those are followed at roughly the beginning of June with oyster mushrooms, and then we don’t see anything much happening on the edible mushroom front for some time.… Read More

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Ellie Mae

This shot was taken on a hike on the Limberlost Reserve. Ellie had been in for a swim. Ellie isn’t fast but she has quite a bit of stamina and handled the 5 mile hike no problem.

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I observed many puffballs on my trip. There are several varieties of small puffballs in our area, and I’m not an expert on telling them apart but my best assessment is that I saw Lycoperdon pyriforme – the Pear-shaped Puffball; and Lycoperdon perlatum – the… Read More