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It’s good for the rhubarb…

That’s what my father used to say whenever we’d have a rainy stretch. Never mind he never grew rhubarb. He grew just about everything else though, and he had a green thumb. My love for gardens and gardening came from him for sure.

He’d start his tomatoes down in the basement under lights. Then out they’d go to the cold frame to get hardened off. There were lots of veggies, and a MacIntosh apple tree which produced the tastiest apples, a cherry tree whose bounty was regularly gobbled up by the birds, and wonderful purple and yellow plumbs. Whenever I eat Ontario-grown yellow plumbs today it takes me right back to those days.

All the rains we’ve had this year must be good for the rhubarb. Everything else is thriving too. Here’s a taste of the July garden here at 27th Street.

….and let’s not forget our little veggie patch


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  1. Absolutely lovely!! Heard the same rhubarb story from my upbringing in Winnipeg–our entire backyard was a vegetable and flower garden.Our backyard was unique in the community–but we did have a large grass front yard for games etc. including overnight tenting! My parents also had another few acres rented about 10 miles away–shared with a family friend! That “patch” mostly tended to on w/e and the odd evening. Mosquitoes memory!!!

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