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Butterflies on the Brain

Sheila and I are participating in The Brain Project this year, in support of Baycrest Health Sciences. Our brain is sponsored by Cineplex.

As The Brain Project returns for its second year, one hundred artists from around the world will transform blank brain sculptures into beautiful, energetic and thought-provoking pieces of art. The sculptures are sponsored by corporations and philanthropists, and will be displayed in more than 15 locations around Toronto and the GTA.

Funds raised through the project are donated to Baycrest Health Sciences, a global leader in brain health and aging.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 7.49.19 PM.jpg

Please visit our page on the Brain Project website, where you can see a fabulous 360 view of our butterfly brain mosaic. If you want you can also vote for us for the “People’s Choice” brain.

If you would like to see our brain in person, it’s now on display at Nathan Phillips Square.

Our project was created by affixing tesserae (Italian Smalti tiles) directly on the blank brain sculpture. Once all the tiles were in place, we grouted the piece with standard tile grout. There are 5 images of monarch butterflies positioned around the brain.

We’re very pleased to be supporting Baycrest by participating in this project. They do great work. If you would like to make a donation to Baycrest, you can do it online here.


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