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Saskatoon Lemon Nut Loaf

Tuffy P suggested I make a Saskatoon lemon nut loaf. I tried it today.


This is like a cranberry lemon nut loaf except with Saskatoons instead of cranberries. it is seriously good. And the great news is that I have enough berries ripening on the bush out front I’m going to be able to bake with Saskatoons one more time.

I adapted a more or less standard loaf recipe. It uses butter, plenty of lemon juice and zest, flour, sugar, salt, eggs, baking powder, and loads of Saskatoons and walnuts. IMG_8700.jpg



  1. Miss Polly

    Looks so good! What news of the front yard tomato plants? Does your friend the expert think all the rain this year will be bad for the tomatoes?

    • The plants are 6 or 7 feet tall and loaded with tomatoes and blossoms, Miss Polly. Barring disaster, we’re going to have quite a bounty! I’ll post photos once the tomatoes get up to size.

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