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Nickity Nackaty Now Now Now and other delightful nonsense

Music for a Saturday morning. Here’s Chubby Parker and his Old Time Banjo…

Chubby Parker was born in 1876 and passed in 1940. He had an interesting life. He had a degree in electrical engineering, worked for the circus, and along the way became a patent attorny, inventor and electrician. He came out with 50 records between 1927 and 1931.

Chubby Parker must have been the king of nonsense lyrics in his day. Here he is performing Bib-a-lolly-boo…

I recently posted Jimmie Driftwood’s version of Froggy went a Courtin’. Chubby Parker also did a lovely version with plenty of nonsense tossed in… King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Kie-me-o.

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