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Storm Damage


The ice storm has done a lot of damage across the city, and we have a problem here as well.  A limb from a city tree came down tonight, hitting the Hydro feed to our house on its way down. This pulled down the mast for our hydro feed. Our power is still on, even though there is a live wire running across Twenty Seventh Street. A police officer is out front making sure nobody goes near it.

At some point overnight tonight, the hydro folks are going to show up and disconnect our power. I’ve got an electrician set up to be here first thing in the morning to repair the mast and arrange for the power to be turned back on. He was already here to check out the damage but there is nothing he can do until Hydro disconnects and we don’t know in this storm when they are going to make it here.

We’re fine. Our power may be off for a while at some point but it will be restored tomorrow.


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