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Power back on

Toronto Hydro reconnected our power tonight just before 10:00 PM. Good thing we have a woodstove in the room above the garage, which kept us toasty during the outage.


reconnecting our power feed


Meanwhile, my car decided to crap out this evening. I changed and was about to head up to tai chi class and I couldn’t get it started. I don’t think it is a battery-related problem. At least I was at home and not stranded somewhere.

I was talking on the phone with my brother the trout as the Hydro guys were doing their thing. Salvelinas said, “you know, I’ve always wondered how they can hook up power like that and not get fried.” I walked outside and asked one of the guys. The answer: “We have rubber gloves and fiberglass equipment and ladders.” That’s it. He said that was for home services. It’s a different story for primary feeds. Oh. “Yeah, then we use thicker rubber gloves that go all the way to the elbow.”

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