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Power back on

Toronto Hydro reconnected our power tonight just before 10:00 PM. Good thing we have a woodstove in the room above the garage, which kept us toasty during the outage. Meanwhile, my car decided to crap out this evening. I changed and was about to head… Read More

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Batten down the hatches

The weather predicting folks have been telling us for a few days we’re going to get hit with an ice storm this weekend. The last report I saw suggested rain turning to freezing rain later today followed by a full-fledged, nasty ice storm tomorrow, complete… Read More

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Thursday’s ice storm was not a big deal here at 27th Street. However, north of Toronto was a different story. Both my brother (Mulmur) and my sister and her husband¬†(Hockley) found themselves without power. My brother sent along these photos showing some of the tree… Read More

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Storm Damage

I was de-icing the car this afternoon when out of the corner of my eye I caught a bit of movement – it was this branch falling from our neighbour’s tree onto the street. There is at least one other large branch down on our… Read More

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Ice Storm

Nasty morning. Freezing rain still coming down. Everything is covered with ice. We have power but thousands in the city do not, may not get it back for a couple days. There’s a power line down a couple streets over. I tweeted the location out… Read More