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Korean Pine

Here at 27th Street, we have quite a few trees, most of which were planted at some point far and away before we arrived on the scene. The notable exceptions are our Shishigashira Japanese Maple up front and the “Cherokee Brave” flowering dogwood we planted out back earlier this season. Now we’ve added one more. Tuffy P came home from Whistling Gardens the other day with a Korean Pine in the back of the car.


The Korean Pine, or Pinus koraiensis is a nut bearing pine tree (yes pine nuts!) native to eastern Asia. In its native habitat it can reach heights of 30 metres tall, but cultivated specimens are likely to grow to only half that height. They have long needles in bundles of 5. These trees are well-adapted to cold winter, do well in urban settings and tolerate some shade.

Apparently, our Korean Pine will be slow-growing for its first few years then will start to seriously spurt up.

Since our front yard veggie gardens have done so splendidly well, I’ve removed the old raised beds out back. They were fine for spring lettuce and a few other things, but marginal for anything which needs a lot of sun. Before the raised beds went in, we had a dying apple tree back there which we removed. The old stump from the apple has mostly rotted away now and several years later, the Korean Pine will be its replacement.


  1. Miss Polly

    So nice! I love a good tree. Flowering dogwood sounds beautiful. I will google it. I was also wondering if your front yard gardens get people taking the produce? There was apparently some letter carrier from your old work a day world taking a customers tomatos and they went to the media. Meant to google that one too. Lol

    • Nobody has filched any produce that I’m aware of. I give plenty away and if anybody needs some nutrition and steals some tomatoes, I can only hope they enjoy them.

      I read about the LC eating tomatoes. Adorable. I’d take it as a compliment. People go to the media over the stupidest things. That was one part of my job that I really didn’t like. There were times I’d get calls from a reporter and I’d want to say, REALLY? C’Mon now.

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