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Nature Walk – Cedarvale Park

bird vetch.jpg

Bird vetch

Cedarvale Park is a lovely urban park located in the St. Clair and Bathurst area, here in Toronto. I’ve been going on Miles Hearn’s nature walks since early spring and this is the first time we’ve visited this park. Much of the park is pretty tame. There is a leash-free dog area, an arena, plenty of grass, but there is also some woods and an interesting wetland.

There are still some asters in bloom in the park.

The most difficult flowers for me to photograph are the yellow ones. With my little point and shoot camera my results on yellow flowers are just so-so. Today there were 3 yellow flowers of note in the park.

sow thistle.jpg

sow thistle

cinque foil.jpg

Cinque foil

butter and eggs.jpg

Butter and eggs

There are quite a few Amur maples in Cedarvale Park. It’s a shrubby maple with really nice fall colours.

amur maple leaf.jpg

Amur maple leaf

amur maple keys.jpg

Amur maple keys

The only mushrooms we saw were growing on trees rather than on soil. The most interesting of them was a variety we saw last week as well, the Hypsizygus.



shelf mushroom.jpg

unidentified shelf mushroom

A new plant for me was Indian hemp. We saw several examples of this plant today.

indian hemp.jpg

Another plant I was not familiar with, found in multiple areas of Cedarvale Park, is comfrey.

It was quite cool in the park today. As it gets colder, I suspect I’ll be using my notebook sparingly on these outings.

Here are a several more pictures I snapped on the walk today. Each is labelled.



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