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Walking in Sam Smith Park

We’re so fortunate to live just down the street from Colonel Sam Smith Park. It is a Toronto treasure. Often when I’m there I have the dogs with me, which makes it a bit difficult to look at birds, but this morning I went for a good walk in the park on my own.

Along the east side of the yacht club basin I saw what I believe is a Greater yellowlegs. I was able to get close enough to grab some shots with my handy-dandy little point and shoot camera.

As usual, there were lots of gulls around. I’m not very good at gull identification. Is this one a herring gull?DSC08628.jpg

I saw these ducks near the beach on the east side of the peninsula. Are they gadwalls? One of my goals for next season is to learn to identify all the various ducks that show up in the Toronto area.


I mentioned in an earlier post that I have trouble photographing yellow flowers. I tried again today wnen I saw some sow thistle. It was overcast and I was able to get a better than usual shot. DSC08643.jpg


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