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Nature Walk – Wilket Creek

This morning’s nature walk with Miles Hearn took place at Wilket Creek Park, the sister park to Sunnybrook Park.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Not all Ruby-crowned Kinglets show red markings on their heads. I saw this one as we were looking for a house wren which was calling in the same area. I often have trouble photographing kinglets as it seems there are in constant motion. We were looking for a House Wren which was calling beautifully right around the same area. I wasn’t able to snap a photo of the wren, but I did get this kinglet.

Lesser Celandine

Wilket Creek

May Apples and Horsetails
Manitoba Maple
Colt’s Foot

It seemed unusual to see these Colt’s Foot growing from a sand cliff, but sandy areas near streams are their usual favoured areas.

Pussy Willows
Ramps AKA Wild Leeks
Rattlesnake Weed (not to be confused with rattlesnake root)
Trout Lilies are in bloom now
Spring Beauty

It was a treat to see these Spring Beauty wildflowers. They are only in bloom for about 3 days each year.

Hop Hornbeam

Hop Hornbean has a very distinctive bark. It looks like rectangular pieces of bark, each stuck in the middle and loose on both ends. Some people call Hop Hornbeam ironwood. They also call some other trees such as Blue Beech ironwood too, to add to the confusion.

Miles pointing out crown gall on a maple tree
Red Cedar

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  1. vintageclark

    One of our favorite bicycle destinations!Thanks for sharing.

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