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27th Street Hot Sauce

27th Street Hot Sauce

I’ve been picking a steady stream of chilies from the garden for some time. I think the season is about done though, so today I picked a big bowl of chilies, all the ones remaining on the various plants we have in containers out front. Time to make some hot sauce.

I started by roasting the chilies, along with a cut-up Spanish onion and some green (as in not yet ripe) tomatoes. After roasting, I put all this into a pot to which I added malt vinegar, salt, and tomato paste, along with some honey and a little water. I brought this concoction up to a simmer and let it cook slowly for half an hour.

With an induction blender, I pureed these ingredients right in the pot, then let it simmer away for a while longer while I prepared a few jars. Given the amount of vinegar in my sauce, I figured water bath canning should work well, so that’s what I did. I wound up with 5 jars of hot sauce – 4 canned and one for the fridge for more immediate use.

By roasting the chilies and onions some to start, and including some green tomatoes, the idea was to create a more complex set of flavours in the sauce to go along with the heat. The result was a very tasty sauce which also has a good kick to it. I tested it by using some as a condiment on an omelet this evening. Very Yummy.


  1. There are lots of veggies that respond well to roasting. Peppers, hot or sweet, are always good. As are cauliflower, potatoes, squash, tomatoes, onions and more. Sometimes I will roast potatoes and chilies along with chicken thighs and sausage. I usually toss the veggies with olive oil first.

  2. I don’t hardly cook but once I watched someone roast the jalapenos, tomatoes, and onions on the gas flame and I tried it myself and it was good without adding anything else.

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