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Squeeze Box Man – update

I’ve been working with Jacob Yerex on the graphic novel, Squeeze Box Man. It’s based on my book of stories of the same title, but it is going to have plenty of new material as well. Jacob is doing the illustrations and I’m doing the… Read More

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Sea Monkeys

Did you ever order anything from the back pages of a comic book? I once ordered up some sea monkeys and sure enough a packet of what appeared to be freeze-dried brine shrimp arrived in the post. I don’t recall the result being a bowlfull… Read More

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Squeeze Box Man – reinvented

Some regular visitors to this little oasis in the blog-swamp may have read my Lazy Allen Stories (now available in paperback and for Kindle on Amazon as Squeeze Box Man – The Lazy Allen Stories). I’ve been working with Jacob Yerex to reinvent these stories… Read More