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Will they ever learn?

As anyone who has followed the news over the past couple days knows, it has been a violent weekend in Toronto. Although I’m sad that this happened here, I can’t say I’m surprised. The “G” meetings are magnets not just for protesters, but for people… Read More

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Crowded Middle

A new poll shows Toronto mayoralty hopeful and blowhard Rob Ford on top, ahead of George Smitherman. The poll shows Ford at 17.8% support compared to Smitherman at 15.9%. Keep in mind that it is a small poll with a margin of error of 3.1%.… Read More

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What’s in a name?

This morning, I had the dogs out at the local leash-free dog park. Some us of were talking about naming the park. I don’t mean some city-generated name after a politician. I mean a community name, something we come up with. If there are some… Read More

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I understand the airline industry is after some compensation because they couldn’t fly with all the volcanic ash in the air. That tells me that if the regulatory people didn’t stop them, they would happily have sent plane-loads of people up in that crap. Now… Read More

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Check out this post over at Garden Rant about the successful campaign to have TruGreen (formerly Chemlawn) dropped as a sponsor of Earth Day. I guess today even chemical companies want to be branded green, even if they aren’t. Green marketing is blossoming. It isn’t… Read More