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Cousins Night Out

Yesterday afternoon we ventured out to Seven44 for an evening among cousins. Robbie Laine and the Disciples were playing and my cousin Steve plays guitar with them. Cousin Karen and her husband Rollin were there as were Cousin Carolyn and Cousin Wanda. We enjoyed some… Read More

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Jamming in Uxbridge

We enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving dinner in Uxbridge with Eric and Viv, John and Megan and Luke and Stephanie. After dinner, Luke and I sat down and jammed for a while. Tuffy P caught a bit of Cold Frosty Morning on video, so here it… Read More

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Rake and Ramblin’ Boy?

My father was a working man. That’s how I remember him at least. He had a business he built from the ground up, called Alumacraft. They made aluminum windows in the era of the storm window. I remember the long hours he and my mom… Read More

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Sticky Memories

I came across this old photo looking through some albums we have tucked away in a cupboard. That’s me there. Curiously, I remember this like it was yesterday. I mean I remember a short period of time in which I was on this beach and… Read More

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Dead Fish Days

I grew up in a family that fished and fished a lot. It seemed my father and my brother were always either heading to some spot or another or else talking about it. Getting ready for opening day was a ritual in our home, serious… Read More