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This Morning (ouch)

Early this morning I took our dogs around the block. This was uneventful until we were almost back home. The sidewalk was wet between our house and the one next door and as it was a cold morning that water had frozen to near invisible… Read More

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Chaos at the No-Frills

I stopped by my local No-Frills this morning to pick up a few groceries. Although it was early, the joint was jumping. I suppose a lot of people decided to stock up on supplies after WHO declared the Covid-19 virus to be a pandemic. Nobody… Read More

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A graduation of sorts

Regular visitors know that last March I stepped on a patch of black ice on our front stairs and went for a wee flight, breaking and dislocating my right ankle, and for bonus points damaging a ligament. This left me with 14 screws Humpty-Dumptying my… Read More

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Man-cold Alert

I’ve been dealing with a cold for the past few days – no big deal – I’ve more or less been ignoring it. Last night though, it hit me like the evening train, emerging as a full-blown man-cold. I didn’t sleep much last night, and… Read More

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Ankle Update

Regular readers know that I took a spill, broke and badly dislocated my right ankle back in March. Today I saw my surgeon who looked at the new x-ray, and told me everything has healed up just as it should (YAY!!!!), so I don’t need… Read More

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Amped up physio

Now that I can put weight on my right leg and can actually walk again, increased exercises have been introduced at physiotherapy. I was on the stationary bicycle this morning, as well as on a wobble-board. As well I started doing half-squats against a wall.… Read More

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I Feel Good

Tuffy P and I trundled off to Toronto Western early this morning for an appointment with my surgeon. The news is great. I can start putting weight on my right leg. At first I’m to use the crutches for a little support, then go to… Read More

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An Ankle Update

It has been just over two months since I took a tumble from the front steps and badly dislocated and fractured my right ankle, tearing a ligament along the way. I have an air cast that I wear for safety when I’m out and about,… Read More