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3 Berries

There are still quite a few berries around. Here are 3 we came across on today’s nature walk with naturalist Miles Hearn, at Ashbridges Bay on the east side Toronto. These beautiful orange berries are Sea Buckthorn. They are edible and some people use them… Read More

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A lot of the honey locusts planted around here are male trees. We have one of those in our front yard. It deposits a lot of pollin on the garden each year. In Sam Smith Park there are several female honey locusts, notable for their… Read More

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Humber Bay

As a young adult, I had a summer and part time job in the Humber Bay area, working as the evening guy (I was the only employee on site) at an old motel, which was part of a strip of motels along that part of… Read More

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Tar Spot

I’ve been noticing big black splotches on maple trees lately, especially on Norway Maples and I wondered what that was. Is it killing the tree? Is it caused by some scary environmental factor? It turns out it is a common fungus known as Tar Spot,… Read More

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Mr. Froggie

Froggy went a-courting and-a he did ride, Clatter bona rig dona ky mo. He had Miss Mousie by his side, Clatter bona rig dona ky mo. He took Miss Mousie on his knee, Clatter bona rig dona ky mo. He said, “Miss Mouse, would you… Read More

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Question Mark

I was out in the garden the other day and saw this lovely butterfly. I can’t recall ever seeing one like it. I thought it might be an Eastern Comma butterfly, but I asked naturalist Miles Hearn if he was familiar with this one and… Read More

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The Chutes

When I was off chasing trout last week, I camped at a lovely provincial park right at Massey, called The Chutes. Here’s a few photos of the chutes on the Aux Sables River the park was named for.