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At the Spit

It has 3 names: The Outer Harbour East Headland (I’ve never heard anyone call it that), The Leslie St. Spit, or Tommy Thompson Park. The place is entirely man-made. Construction started on it in 1959. The purpose of the spit was for “port-related facilities”, but… Read More

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A walk in the park

I brought my camera with me for a walk in Sam Smith Park today. Not surprisingly, as this park is very popular among birders, there were several people out today with cameras and binoculars. As soon as I reached the bridge by the yacht club,… Read More

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Skunk Cabbage

At Lambton Woods in the early spring, you can be sure to come across quite a bit of skunk cabbage. What a fascinating plant. The Latin name for this plant is Symplocarpus foetidus. It grows in wetlands and blooms in the very early spring. In… Read More

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Could it be a sunny day?

A friend’s mom passed the other day and so this morning we zoomed up to Markham for the funeral service and burial. At the cemetery, although there was little wind, the cold was biting. By the time we returned home to Long Branch, though, it… Read More