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Stamp out ads on transit art

CBC reported this morning that the Toronto Transit Commission has been putting ads up on top of an abstract mural called Sliding Pi, by artist Arlene Stamp. Spokesperson Brad Ross confirmed they’ve been doing it for years, and the artist apparently doesn’t have much of… Read More

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The Pharmaceutical Olympics?

It’s almost time for the Olympics and the big question (beyond details like will they finish the athlete’s village), is whether or not to bar the entire Russian team from participation. Stunning. On the news, I’ve heard about a state-sponsored conspiracy involving a network of… Read More

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Enough Suggestions

I don’t need to receive any more emails suggesting what to buy, who to follow, or what to like. Neither do I feel a need to review every online purchase I make. So stop already, ok?

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What was….

…the cad at my local grocery store thinking in deciding it would be a great idea to completely reorganize the store so regular customers could no longer quickly find the items they came in for. Just sayin’.

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The Artist

The idea of the artist has changed some over the years. Now, when we hear somebody talking about an artist on television or radio, most times they’re talking about singers or members of bands that have recording contracts or sometimes other celebrities. I suppose Pop… Read More

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Stuff that bugs me….

I really dislike getting phone calls that turn out to be recorded messages. If the call is for a product, I go out of my way to not buy that product. This week, I’ve received two recorded calls from my MPP. I hung up the… Read More

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Painting Too

We’re used to much of the fare on television reduced to formulaic reality show competition. Now art too has become a competition. This live event is apparently quite popular. To me, art, and painting in particular, has always been something special. I recall as a… Read More