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Fall Clean-out

One of the things to get done around here before winter is to clean out the bird houses. We have numerous birdhouses here on Twenty Seventh Street. Most of them are populated by a healthy colony of house sparrows. There is also one smaller bird… Read More

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Community Housing Upgrades

We’ve had a colony of house sparrows living in various housing units in our back and front yards for years. The most popular condo has been a 10-unit complex sitting on a flagpole high above our deck right near the feeding stations. It’s provided housing… Read More

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More new housing on Twenty Seventh Street, but this triplex is strictly for the birds. We had a whirligig on this pole for quite a while – a fisherman who fishes more and more aggressively as the wind picks up. From time to time whirligigs… Read More

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Big Circle

I traced a big circle by car.  I began by driving to Sarnia and crossing into Michigan. West to Flint, and on the I-75, straight north up the Lower Peninsula to the Mackinac (that’s Mackinaw) bridge and Upper Michigan. On the UP, I made a… Read More