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4th St.

I came across various covers of the tune 4th Street Messaround on YouTube, and I realized I know two tunes about 4th St. The first one is that old Memphis Jug Band tune. They were a great band and were very well recorded. If you… Read More

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I was thinking about the music of David Bromberg, so I figured it was time to dig up some cuts from the YouTube machine and share them here tonight. Let’s start with a bittersweet song called Watch Baby Fall. In this next video Mr. Bromberg… Read More

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I’ve been listening to Tempest (the latest effort by Bob Dylan), in the car. This one came out with lots of hoopla, and when I heard the first (and by far the best) cut, Duquesne Whistle, I had high expectations. Although many reviewers seem to… Read More

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Rolling Thunder

For tonight’s Daily Dose, let’s go way back to the mid-70s and listen to Bob Dylan from the Rolling Thunder Review. Here are Bob Dylan and Joan Baez singing Never Let me Go If you remember Johnny Ace, that tune might be familiar to you..… Read More