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This morning, Memphis and I headed up to the Enchanted Mushroom Forest to see if we could find some tasty edibles. Ellie Mae really wanted to join us (for those who are not regular readers, Memphis and Ellie Mae are our Newfoundland dogs) but with… Read More

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Lobster mushrooms

Hypomyces lactifluorum is also known as the lobster mushroom. In fact it is the product of one fungi attacking another. The host mushroom is either Lactarius piperatus or Russula brevipes. The attacking fungus is a sac fungus, or ascomycete. It’s the red stuff. It colonizes… Read More

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Today I was fortunate to find several Hydnum umbilicatum and Hydnum repandum- the hedgehog mushrooms, sometimes also known as the sweet tooth. In our area, the Hydnum repandum tend to be larger. They have a rounder cap and they tend to be more pale in… Read More

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1 chanterelle

After all the rain, I expected to collect buckets of tasty edible wild mushrooms today. Arriving at my first spot, I discovered to my dismay that the local bureaucrats had declared the only reasonable access to the forest to be NO PARKING. On the other… Read More

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A Search Question

Somebody landed on this blog after searching the question, “are blue-staining boletes edible”? I thought I should weigh in on this before the searcher goes collecting. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, boletes are those mushrooms that have pores rather than gills… Read More

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Short Squat Mushrooms

I’m always interested in the variety of search terms people use that land them here on this blog. Today somebody got here after searching Russula brevipes. Now this is an interesting mushroom to me, and it’s interesting because it has a special relationship with another… Read More