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Porter’s Reel

I came across this performance at the Old Time Tiki Parlor YouTube channel. The players are Jody Kruskal, David Bragger & Susan Platz. I love the concertina with the 2 fiddles. I’m familiar with this tune from a recording by Spencer and Rains.

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Jean Lafitte

I’ve been trying to listen to as much fiddle music as I can because I think listening a lot will help me become stronger on the instrument. Recently I came across some videos featuring a fiddler from Seattle named Vivian Williams. I have really been… Read More

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Kitchens are for cooking

Sometimes that’s all about the music. I was looking for a different version of Lady on the Green on YouTube when I stumbled into this delightful video. I love this tune. I learned to play it on banjo a couple years ago at one of… Read More

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Black Jack Grove

Some fiddle music for a Thursday morning. Here’s Black Jack Grove performed by Art Stamper. Mr. Stamper, a player from Kentucky, played both Appalachian old time fiddle as well as bluegrass fiddle (he performed with the Stanley Brothers and Bill Monroe’s outfit). I read that… Read More

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Ottawa Valley Hoedown

It’s about time I featured a tune by Ottawa Valley fiddle great Reg Hill. Mr. Hill was known both as a great fiddler on his own and as the fiddle player for the Mac Beattie’s group, the Ottawa Valley Melodiers. Here he is playing the… Read More

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Daniel Boucher and Friends

Tuffy P stumbled upon a fantastic concert from the Library of Congress this morning of French Canadian fiddle music from Connecticut. I had no idea there was a French Canadian fiddle tradition in Connecticut, but it must be a good one if this concert by… Read More